Friday, May 15, 2009

Barrett Clay Works Open Studio Sessions

Open Studio Sessions at BCW is a time when individuals, students and kids are able to utilize the studio independently. There is no formal instruction during this time. Studio Monitors are available to answer questions, sell clay, collect firing fees, and give some technical guidance if needed.

Adult Pricing: per session

Students currently enrolled in a class at BCW FREE
Members of BCW and BAC $18
Non Members $20
10 Session Card for Members $150
10 Session Card for Non-Members $170

Children’s Pricing: per session (age 5-15)

Children currently enrolled in a class at BCW FREE
Per Child $8
3rd Child & 4th Child FREE
Children under 5 years old are FREE.
*All Children must be accompanied by an adult, 4 Kids maximum per adult.

Monday 3:30-5:30pm Mana Watsky
Tuesday 4-10 pm Lauren Aitken/Kelly Esposito
Wednesday 6:30-9 pm Deborah Papperman
Thursday 3-8:30 pm Kari Temming/Rene Ortiz
Friday 1-4 pm Marilyn Fino
Saturday 10-1pm Kirsten Olson
Sunday 1-4 pm Kirsten MacDonald

Please note: This schedule is subject to change. Please call the BCW at 845.471.0407 to confirm the time prior to coming in. Any changes and cancellations in the schedule will be recorded on our answering machine or posted on at least 24 hours prior to a listed session.

Open Studio Policies:


BCW does not supply clay for open studio participants. Clay may be purchased at $10 per 22lbs bag. Please do not bring clay you purchased elsewhere to our studio without prior permission from the studio manager.

BCW has community tools available for your use during open studio. If you prefer using your own tools BCW has tool kits available for sale at $15 per kit.

During open studio participants have access to wheels, work tables, wedging boars, glaze room, slab roller, and communal tools. All participants are responsible for cleaning all tools they used and all areas they worked in. Our motto is: “Leave it cleaner than you found it! “

BCW provides shelf space for open studio participants. Work and clay left on shelves unattended for more than 2 months will get disposed of, recycled, or claimed by BCW.

BCW is a community studio. Please be mindful of others around you. The studio space and communal tools are for all to share.

Music: You may listen to music during open studio as long as other participants are OK with it. Please be sure to ask all others present if they mind.

Have fun!!!!

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