Saturday, September 5, 2009

In The Gallery: Madeleine Segall Marx

Portraits of People and Others
By Madeleine Segall Marx

September 19-October 10th

Saturday September 19th

Our Very Own Madeleine Segall Marx will be exhibiting her bronze and terra cotta figurative sculpture at the BCW Gallery.
Maddy Segall Marx’s figurative sculptures have won critical acclaim with over 40 national sculpture awards that include 10 Medals of Honor and first place awards. Locally she has been the recipient of the Dutchess County Executive Award to an individual artist.

Working in her SoHo, Hyde Park and Pietrasanta, Italy studios Maddy is in the 7th year of a grant-winning award project on the concept of “enemies” and yet finds the time to teach classes on figurative sculpture.

In October and November the Barrett Clay Works offers a Figurative Sculpture class with Maddy ( former students RAVE about her classes).
Visit for more information and call The Barrett Art Center to register (845) 471-2550.

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